"Executive coaching is increasingly being recognized as one of the most effective ways to develop exceptional leaders."


Coaching is about making positive changes by working as equals to move from your current situation to your aspirational future and best self.  Continuing to evolve in our lives and careers is necessary for growth, well-being, personal satisfaction, and career longevity.  Step by step we will work together to maximize your talents and get you where you want to be professionally.

Focus Areas:

Career Change

Improving your Intangible skills

Getting the most out of your career


As a Coach I WILL

Asks powerful questions

Raise your self-awareness

Help you identify choices

Support your future by defining your best self

Offer a “no judgement” safe zone

Create a place of trust

Openly share my experiences

Conduct transparent conversations

Be observant, empathetic, and responsive

Focus on your whole self

Define and support your agenda

Identify and remove obstacles to your goals

Authentically listen

Bring unbound curiosity to our relationship

Offer honest feedback

Adopt a lead from behind approach

The Client Role

Be Present and engaged

Remain open to evolving and growing

Commit to act

Share authentically

Be open and trust the process

Provide honest feedback throughout

Share your whole self (life and work)

Set the agenda

Identify improvement areas

Accept vulnerability

As the Client, you have the important role to make our time together successful and fruitful.  Together we will work to maximize your potential to reach your aspirational and behavioral goals.

We will work side by side as equals through a proven methodology based on the Hudson Institute of Coaching approach


Our Journey Together

Establish our Relationship

Focus Areas

  • Present challenge

  • Assess readiness

  • Agree contract

  • Establish preliminary goals

Situational Assessment

​Focus Areas

  • Collect data to assess current state

  • Outline the whole person view

  • Agree commitment

  • Set sspirational goal

  • Define behavioral change goals

Build the Plan

​Focus Areas

  • Identify strengths

  • Identify obstacles

  • Inner work (awareness building practices)

  • Outer work (building new practices)

Execute the Plan

​Focus Areas

  • Work the goals

  • Seek stakeholder support

  • Recalibrate goals

  • Refine direction

  • Track key milestones

Conclude Engagement

​Focus Areas

  • Measure outcomes

  • Examine effectiveness

  • Develop long range plan

  • Explore follow up support and forward momentum

What clients say about me


Rachael Zhu, Consulting Manager

Gary has a wealth of experience in the professional services industry, as well as a truly global perspective given his cross-geography footprint. By asking simple yet specific questions, my conversations with Gary always allow me to gain clarity and come to conclusions myself. Gary always lets me choose what I want to talk about in our sessions, and makes me feel comfortable sharing whatever issues that I want to flesh out. I have gained so many takeaways from our conversations, particularly around the importance of relationship-building, backing yourself in the workplace, and defining your 'why' statement throughout your career.


Benjamin Gullickson, Author

Working with Gary was one of the best decisions I made for my professional life. I worked at Apple for 8 years, but quit to travel the world. When I returned, I didn't know what next steps to take in my career. Gary helped me to work through what I enjoyed about my past work experience, as well as what I wanted going forward. As a coach, he incorporated my personality and personal interests into the discussion, recognizing them as important parts of my professional experience. He was an active listener, asking insightful questions while highlighting common themes I wasn't aware I was sharing. His ability to push me to reach my own conclusions and decisions about what was best for me helped me to take control of my life, both personally and professionally. I liken coaching to "professional therapy": Gary will help to facilitate the discussion, but the decision and direction ultimately comes down to you. He can bring in his personal experience if needed, and his sense of humor adds levity to the coaching sessions. I feel like not only am I on the path to attain both the job and career that I want, but I also have the tools to overcome any roadblocks along the way. It was a priceless experience, and I recommended Gary to anyone who feels like they need a change in their career. 

Name, Title

“Gary is an incredible coach. He has a wealth of experience and skills gained through an extraordinary life and successful executive career. I’ve found Gary to be an open and honest confidant, who’s genuine and non-judgmental style allows you to self-reflect and explore areas of your own life and career that may not have come into focus previously. Whether you know what you want to work on, or you’re not quite sure - Gary will guide you on the right path and help you be the best person you can be. I couldn’t recommend Gary more highly.”

"Gary has been an amazing coach to me over the last few months. From day one I felt incredibly comfortable talking to Gary about anything.. both in my work and personal life. He genuinely listens to what you are saying and how you are feeling, followed by some very thought provoking questions that have helped me get back on track or get to the best possible outcome. I would recommend Gary to anyone looking for some great career coaching or even just looking for a considered perspective on an interesting topic or problem."

100% loved the blending of mentoring and coaching into the sessions.

100% would recommend me as a coach


93% felt that I asked insightful questions


73% felt that I provided powerful observations


60% Felt that I listened authentically and provided a safe "no judgement" zone where they felt free to share


Let's talk about you

Confidentiality and Ethics

Building trust is imperative and something that I take very seriously.  Below is my pledge to you throughout our journey together. 

My pledge to you is:

  • Keep our conversations strictly confidential

  • Disclose any known conflicts of interest

  • Always maintain a professional relationship

  • Provide a clear contract of our working relationship

  • Respect your right to terminate the contract at any time

  • Maintain honesty and accuracy about my qualifications, capabilities, experience, expertise, and coaching certification