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Personalized coaching to support your goals.

If you relate to any of the following let's chat about working together

Considering a career transition or Move

Craving change within your career journey, from new roles in your current field to hitting the reset button and exploring a new path

Looking to improve your intangible (soft) skills

Focusing on leadership, listening, presentation or public speaking, team building and collaboration, critical thinking, or emotional intelligence

Striving for that promotion

Looking to set yourself apart within your organization and prepare for growth

A Type "A" personality

A very driven, high performer who loves structure and finds comfort in checklists and clearly defined processes and structure

Working in Professional Services

Working in management consulting or other professional services


Our Journey

Consider me as your equal as we walk together through your current situation and work to meet your goals. I will ask powerful questions, reframe your perspective, and respectfully let you know what I’m seeing and feeling. You are in control and I’m with you every step of the way as we navigate through your journey.


Our journey together has a great deal of rigor with many nuances that fit YOU and your style:


Frame our work together

Is coaching right for you? Are we a good fit for each other? What is your focus? Lay the foundation to work together.


how did you get here and where do you want to be

Understand all aspects of you as a person and cover an overview of life now. What do you want the future to be - what are your goals?


Plan the work

What do you do well? What do you tell yourself? What is getting in the way? What can you do differently?


Work the plan

Try out new behaviors. Get 360 feedback. Adjust / recalibrate / refine your approach and refine outcomes.


Celebrate your success




Look toward the future. Evaluate effectiveness. Set a cadence for follow up.

Ling Chung

Gary strikes a brilliant balance between candor and supportiveness. Gary’s coaching style is action-focused. Gary zips between the role of a coach and the role of a mentor seamlessly. Gary helps me piece together isolated puzzle pieces to break through the mist.


Additionally, Gary’s coaching spans beyond his sessions with you. Through Gary’s podcast “Wish I Knew”, I’ve gleaned valuable insights through his conversations with his guests. I appreciate having Gary as a not-always-agreeable sounding board, just what I need to nudge me out of my comfort zone."

Coaching is my Purpose and my Passion


Let's Chat

Are you ready to change your career and life? 
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