"Sharing my executive and global experience to inspire individuals and  improve careers."

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My Story

Consulting globally as a Big 4 accounting firm Partner, I gained exposure to vibrant companies, professionals, and cultures.  I've navigated strong executive personalities, several obstacles, multiple failures, and a great amount of success throughout my career.  My perspective is to become firmly “planted”, not buried by every interaction, setback, difficult situation and challenging conversation.  This growth mindset and positive outlook has afforded me a well-rounded view of life and what it takes to be successful, which can strongly benefit my clients. 

Career Highlights

- Big 4 Partner with over 25 years of Management Consulting experience

- Global career spanning US / Australia / Europe / Asia heightening cultural awareness and appreciation

- Mentor and coach hundreds of individuals

- Created a "Wish I Knew . . . " advice series on Linked In to motivate and empower others ​

- Launched career success podcast series to give the "possible" a voice

- Lead with transparency sharing successes and setbacks along the way

- Massive Intangible and soft skill proponent


Because I experienced the most joy in my career when focusing on the success of my clients and individual team members, coaching and mentoring is the logical next step in my professional journey.  Coaching, will allow me to create value by helping individuals and companies focus on what matters most in life and business.  I am deeply engaged and committed to helping my clients find clarity and confidence to overcome challenges and meet their career goals.

Next Up Executive Coaching 

Fun Stuff about me

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, 16 years in Los Angeles, 9 years working globally (Europe & Asia Pacific) avid volunteer, massive sports fan (you name it, I enjoy it), financial & real estate investor, supporter of the arts (Opera, Ballet, Symphony), burgeoning whisky enthusiast, yearly sibling trips, stay fit (yoga, rowing, circuit training, meditation, Inca Trail), global friendships with frequent trips, trending towards minimalism, proud CPA, love a routine, visited over 45 countries

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