The value of one-on-one connections can't be overemphasized

Throughout my journey I’ve cherished the personal interactions, global cultural experiences, and deep connections I’ve developed with countless individuals.
I’m excited to pass my experiences along to you through Executive Coaching and one-on-one mentoring, or help you share your experiences with others through my podcast.
People having a conversation

How would you like to work together?



Are you an individual striving for the next level?

Are you looking to improve your Intangible skills (leadership, impact, communication, boundaries)?

Working together can have an exponential impact to you, your company and your team.  An impact that will trickle down throughout the organization. 




"wish i knew"


Have you had a successful career or simply want to share your unique story to this point?

I speak with individuals about their careers to:

  • Learn about their journey

  • Share sound advice

  • Create role models

  • Solidify my belief in the impact of intangible skills on career success

Have a listen or be my guest!



Are you a student or a bit further in your career and want to talk about your next steps?

I work with people to discuss:

  • Management Consulting

  • Interview preparation

  • Building relationships and making the right connections

  • The power of Intangible skills

  • Working globally